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Beginners Guide to Bioprinting: Pluronic as a biomaterial

Here is the first blog to our series of beginners guide to bioprinting. The purpose of this guide is to provide basic knowledge in a topic of interest in the field of bioprinting. This blog will feature the useof Pluronic as a biomaterial for bioprinting.
When using r3bEL to print cellular scaffolds, Pluronic F-127 has been our favored biomaterial. Pluronic, also known as Poloxamer 407, is a hydrophilic non-ionic surfactant,[1] It is also a thermo-reversible hydrogel, meaning that it can change from liquid to solid state depending on the temperature, and in this case, it is a liquid at cold temperatures and a solid at room temperature.

Pluronic is widely used in multiple fields due to its surfactant properties which allow for a lower surface tension between lipids and liquids. In the cosmetics industry, it is used in dissolving oily ingredients in water. Pluronic acts as a cleaning agent to safely remove lipids from the lens films in contacts solution. Pluronic is also quite popular in…

CEO of SE3D featured at IEEE WIE Disruptive Technology Virtual Track

Check out this recently published virtual track featuring SE3D's own founder and CEO, Dr. Mayasari Lim and fellow woman entrepreneur Laura Stewart, CEO of VideoFizz.
Female founders in STEM shared their journey about starting their own companies and struggles each have faced growing their business.