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Open-Source 3D Software Programs

Why we chose open-source 3D software programs

One of SE3D’s core principles is to provide a seamless user experience: we chose to focus on designing with the user in mind. When we first started designing the r3bEL (pronounced as “rebel”) bioprinter, we carefully considered what our users needed and how they would use our bioprinter to enhance their research or educational goals. We opted to use open-source 3D software programs, such as Pronterface and Slic3r, because there are many great advantages for our end-users to leverage these open-source programs.
1. It is FREE
Who doesn’t like free products and services, especially when the quality is not compromised? Rather than focus on developing a new program, we sought to invest our time in end-user development and dedicate our time to creating customer resources such as curriculum and protocols. We also found that many open-source 3D software programs available were more often than not one of the best ones.
2. Crowdsource knowledge-base / p…