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Kickstart 2020 with a Beginner course in Bioprinting

Curious about Bioprinting? Are you someone with a curious mind who has always wondered what bioprinting is all about? You may have heard about bioprinting over the news or came across an article describing all the amazing possibilities that this technology can deliver. Bioprinting full organs for future organ replacement. Is it true? Can this be real?

To help people demystify these stories and get a grounded understanding of the technology, SE3D actually launched an online introductory course in bioprinting a few years ago. The first version was launched in 2018 and I have recently revamped the course, improved some of the content and recently launched this on Udemy. Within the first week, over 50 students have signed up as the first cohort and I love to see more interest.
Bioprinting: A beginner course A quick nutshell of what you will learn in this course. This beginner course will cover the most basic concepts and provide key terminologies that are used in the bioprinting field. T…