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Four weeks of 3D Printing Fun class

Our 4-week after-school program in 3D Printing Fun at Redwood City has quickly came to an end. The kids were really sad that we will not be meeting again next week but we did have quite a bit of fun over the last 4 weeks and here is a quick recap of what we did together in class. Great introduction to 3D printing and simple modeling tools for kids.

Projects that the kids worked on during class

Learning new apps on their iPads

A Velociraptor 3D Puzzle project

For more info on future classes, please check on the Redwood City Parks Activity Guide.

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3D Printing Classes for Fall 2014


Here is a list of classes that we will be offering in the Redwood City area starting this October. Classes are offered for both children and adults.

Classes for children ages 8-12
After-school program
Tues 3.15-4.45pm starts 10/07 - 10/28 (4 weeks) at Sandpiper Community Center $114/96 residents
Tues 3.15-4.45pm starts 11/18 - 12/09 (4 weeks) at Sandpiper Community Center $114/96 residents

One Day workshop for ages 8-14
Sat 1.00-4.00pm on 11/8 at Red Morton Community Center $61/51 residents
Sat 1.00-4.00pm on 1/10 at Community Activities Building $61/51 residents

Classes for adults
Tues 6.00-8.00pm starts 10/14 - 10/21 (2 weeks) at Sandpiper Community Center $90/76 residents
Thu 7.00-9.00pm starts 12/4 - 12/11 (2 weeks) at Red Morton Community Center $90/76 residents
Thur 7.00-9.00pm start 1/8-1/15 (2 weeks) at Red Morton Community Center $90/76 residents

Check out the online catalog

Register online here

Projects from our Adult 3D printing class

A quick overview on some of the things we did for our 3D printing class at San Jose Learning Center this past month (August). This was a 5 weekend (Sat only) 2 hour/week class for teens and adults - an introductory course to 3D printing. Here are some of the things that the students printed for the class.

First, we downloaded a 3D model of a bunny in a cage from Thingiverse. This was the chosen test model.

The model was first printed in ABS material then what one of our students did was to re-cast the model into silver. He managed to even get the bunny out of the cage first before re-casting it in silver. Look at the amazing final product.

Here is a human figure model created using SketchUp. We printed this model in ABS on the Afinia UP printer with no support needed. Pretty nifty little model and easy to create on SketchUP.

Finally, I showed the students how you can use 123D Catch to create any real-life objects into a 3D model. Here is an example of a self-portrait captured on 123D …

Capture, Create and 3D Print

Capture, Create and 3D-Print anything you want with simple tools that are available to you for free today! It is really pretty easy and everyone can have lots of fun with this.

This is our first 3D printed scanned model of Snowy the bunny rabbit:

Here, I will describe a mini-tutorial on how to Capture, Create and 3D Print anything you want. Using simple and FREE software tools available in the market today, you can now make a 3D model of pretty much anything you can photograph - pretty cool stuff!

I will illustrate this process using an iPhone. Alternatively, if you do not have an iOS device you can download the Autodesk 123D Catch software onto your computer, capture images using a camera and upload all your captured images onto the program.

Here is how you do it with your iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Download 123D Catch on your iPhone/iPad device
Step 2: Launch the app and create an account on 123D Catch
Step 3: Start a new capture by pressing the "+" button on the top right corner

Summer Camp at Bee Best Learning

The kids at Bee Best Learning Center had a full week of fun-filled experience in 3D printing and model creation using simple tools such as Blokify and TinkerCAD. Children from ages 8 to 12 were eager to learn how to create their own models and explore these new tools for 3D designs. One of the kids, 9 yr-old Arthur created his own dragon model from scratch using TinkerCAD. His older sister, created more sophisticated and polished models such as the sword. The younger children created simple castle models and other things using Blokify.

Here is a glimpse of the wonderful 3D creations they have made and pictures of the children showing off their models.

Wow! We were simply amazed by the creativity of these students.

SE3D Summer Camps is a great way to introduce young children to the concept of 3D printing and teaches them the tools to develop their creative skills.

Check out our website for more SE3D summer camps in the bay area. Contact us at for more information about our …

3D Printing Summer Camp at Leapstart

It was a fun-filled week with 3D printing at Leapstart Afterschool Cupertino last week. Here are some pictures I like to share with everyone to show you what some of the kids did. Using simple design tools like Blokify and TinkerCAD, kids were able to create their own little 3D models. Of course no one could stop them from downloading their favorite toy or iPhone case from Thingiverse.

Here are pics from the summer camp

3D DIY Bio-printer: Bioengineering project

3D bio-printers can be used to print biological materials such as gels, proteins and cells. Inspired by the BioCurious team, our group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore assembled a 3D DIY bio-printer and explored the possibility of printing mammalian cells.

First, we assembled the printer following the manual from Instructables.

This is the DIY 3D bio-printer created by team at NTU Singapore.

We tested the bio-printer for printing alginate gels. Calcium chloride solution was dropped onto a culture dish containing 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% sodium alginate solution. We found that 1.5-2.0% alginate worked best in providing most consistency in printing. The picture below shows a test print using ink versus alginate hydrogel.

Finally we showed that 3D gels could be printed using this DIY bio-printer platform, the picture below shows a printed gel with 200 layers of printing. And we also printed mammalian cells (HS5 stromal cells) using this DIY 3D bio-printer in alginate hdyrogel…

Discovery Day @Sandpiper Elementary School

We had a fun-filled day at Discovery Day (Jun 4) in Sandpiper Elementary School this week. The kids were so excited to learn about 3D printing and start creating their own 3D models. We introduced them to Blokify, an iPad program for 3D modeling. It is easy to use and fun for kids - they simply loved it! Thanks Blokify - we love your app!!!

Here are some pictures we like to share with all of you from that day. See what the kids have created that day and only within an hour. It's amazing and so much fun!!!

We thank the Discovery Day team led by Rahila and Pushpa for giving us a chance to host this event at Sandpiper Elementary. Great job on Discovery Day.

For more info about our K3-5 and K6-8 programs, please visit:

3D Printing Open House at Bee Best Learning Center

Last week we had a lot of excitement going on at Bee Best Learning Center in Castro Valley. To showcase the summer camp programs that SE3D Education will be launching there this summer, I hosted a live demo and brought a number of sample models that kids will be able to create in our 3D printing workshops. So the printer got everyone excited, they were all surrounding the table just waiting to watch the printer in action. It was really a lot of fun for me and the kids so here are some pictures that we would like to share with everyone. We also like to thank all parents who showed up for the open house and asked so many insightful questions about our workshops. We hope to see you all this summer!

Go SE3D! Go Bee Best!

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