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Moving to a New Site

Dear Bioenthusiasts and STEM Advocates,

Thank you following us through our three year journey with Blogger! As we've grown from a small startup sponsored by the National Science Foundation to the established company with a wide range of industry partners.

SE3D has a commitment to bringing quality content in a timely manner. We have decided to change our bi-monthly blog to a weekly blog with new content focused on bioprinting industry highlights, researcher spotlights, Women In STEM, and biomaterials. It is with this transition that we have decided to focus solely on updating our blog on our website.

Thank you for all your support. Don't worry, all the old content on Blogger will remain but you can follow our new content here.

Thank you,
Team SE3D

Design Thinking and Bioprinting With Ohlone College

Design thinking is an invaluable skill that incorporates holistic first-person perspectives with rational and analytical thinking to arrive at creative solutions. It is an effective approach to tackling complex business, social, and technological problems. When design thinking is applied to healthcare and medicine, it leads to an innovative solution that may be more effective than other methods.x

The principles of design thinking can be summed up in five simple steps: 1. Empathize with the users 2. Define the user’s needs and problems along with your own insights 3. Ideate by challenging assumptions and create new concepts and thought processes 4. Prototype by creating different solutions 5. Test out all the solutions

In early March, we collaborated with Ohlone College to run a special projects program for the CTE Health Science Pathway. The purpose of the project was to promote design thinking as a strategy for innovation. We introduced a new technology, bioprinting, and posed challenges in…